Wednesdays by appointment only

Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm

Kids Beginners classes

Children starting their martial arts journey white belt through orange belt

Kids Intermediate Classes

Children continuing their martial arts journey purple belt and above

Adults classes

Students age 15 and above all ranks

Monthly Women's self defense classes

Women 15 and above learn street self defense every last saturday of the month or as scheduled

Weapons Classes by appointment

open to all students currently enrolled, yellow belt and above

private lessons by appointment

Open to anyone wanting to learn kenpo karate inquire for more information

Adult Classes

Kids Beginner classes

Weapons classes

Women's Self defense class

Wednesdays by appointment only

Private lessons

Special Events and Inquiries

Sparring classes for kids every monday all rank kids 6 pm-7 pm

Monday            Self defense                  7 pm-8 pm

                          Sparring                       8 pm-9 pm       

Tuesday            Self Defense                 7 pm-8 pm

                          Self Defense                 8 pm-9 pm

Wednesday Private lessons by appointment

Thursday        Self Defense                  7 pm-8 pm

Friday              Self Defense                  7 pm-8 pm

                          Sparring                       8 pm-9 pm

The last saturday of each month or as scheduled from 11 am-1 pm

Kids intermediate class


Monday 5 pm-6 pm Sparring 6 pm-7 pm

Tuesday 5 PM-6 PM

​Wednesday Private lessons by appointment

Thursday 5 PM-6 PM

Friday 5 PM-6 pm

Class Schedule

Monday 5 pm-6 pm SPARRING 6 PM-7 PM

Tuesday 6 PM-7 PM

Wednesday Private lessons by appointment

Thursday 6 PM-7 PM

Friday 6 PM-7 PM

Classes offered