my name is Edward Chavez Jr, I am a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo.  I have been in the Martial Arts for over 20 years and wore my first Gi when I was just a few months old, so I guess you can say I was born into the martial arts.
I was 5 years old when my father Master Edward Chavez Sr started teaching me Kenpo. I was taught the basic hand strikes and stances as well as a few techniques. I also learned my first weapon, which were nun-chucks. that was the beginning of a new life for me, a life in the Marital Arts. That's what Martial Arts means to me, Its a lifestyle, a way of thinking and a reacting to life's situations.
I was about 8 years old when I was enrolled into my first Martial Arts School. It was there I learned American Kenpo, a style mixed with Ed Parker's traditional Kenpo system as well as various other Chinese, Japanese and Polynesian systems such as Kung Fu, Aikido, Lima Lama, and Lua. There I was taught that the definition of American Kenpo was "Freedom to think with an open mind". What that means is that we have the right to change and tailor the art to better fit ourselves, because no two people are alike, and we don't let tradition keep us from evolving the style to something better or greater. I also learned to be open minded in the Martial Arts, that no Martial Arts style is better than another.

It was there that I learned to embrace other styles and see what works in today's situations and take it by adding to it with what i knew and learned in Kenpo. To me that is what makes American Kenpo such a great street self defense style.
 I moved up in ranks, but competed at my first tournament as a white belt; It was a small tournament, but it was just the beginning. As I progressed in the Art, the tournaments I went to got bigger, and the competition was harder. None of that ever mattered to me, what mattered was not to worry about the competition, I was there to compete against myself. I am now a 4 time International champion at Ed Parker's Internationals and have competed and won several awards at International tournaments.

- 4th Degree Black Belt.
-1998-2000 Champion at the Ed Parker International Karate Championships
-Received his Black Belt in 2000 
-Inductee at the 2011 Masters Hall of Fame for the Pioneer Award
-Holder of numerous State and National titles    
- 4 time World Champion at Ed Parkers Internationals
- Martial Artist for over 20 years and Instructor for 10 years.

Mr. Kinworthy

Ms. Mcneal


 I began my Martial Arts career in the style of Kung Fu San Soo in 1972 under the instruction of Sensei Dave Carter in Whittier California. My father saw that I loved martial arts and supported me in this. When we moved to Montebello California in 1975, my father enrolled me in a different style, American Kenpo; that is where I began studying under the instructors supreme Grand Master Dan Rodarte and Supreme Grand Master Frank Trejo In Montebello California. After receiving my rank of purple belt in December 1977 under SGM Mr. Dan Rodarte & sGM Mr. Frank Trejo, my parents moved to Norwalk California but I continued going to class. In 1978 I had to take a break from Martial Arts, however i continued to practice at home with the help of my father and friends. In 1990 I returned to the art that I loved so much,  American Kenpo. Under the instruction of Mrs. Kathy Murphy-Ayers in orange county I gained a  great deal of knowledge that I am able to pass on to my current students. Mrs. Murphy-Ayers to this day is still a big part of my kenpo life and my ever growing education in this art.

 Under the instruction of Mrs. Murphy-Ayers I received my first degree black belt in 1996 and have continued through today. I am now a 6th degree Black Belt under the re-certification of SGM Mr. Dan Rodarte. I have been the recipient of numerous honors, awards and titles; one being inducted into The Masters Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year for 2000. I have enlightened, motivated and inspired many students throughout the years with my knowledge and wisdom. I have won many International karate victories from students I have trained, teaching “That one does not become a Champion until one has realized that they are a Champion!” I have (8) International World Victories at the Ed Parker Long Beach International competition 1995-1996-1997-1998 in WEAPONS – FORMS – SPARRING – SELF DEFENSE.

2010 6TH Degree Black Belt.
1995-1996-1997-1998 Champion, at the Ed Parker International Karate Championships.
Inductee at the Masters 2000 Hall of Fame for Outstanding Instructor of the Year 
Recipient of the senior Black Belt Instructor of the Year 1997.
Holder of Numerous State, National and International Titles.
Grand Champion Ring in Weapons at the Master  2000 
(8) Time World Champion at Ed Parker's Internationals
Master Chavez has been studying Martial Arts for over 30 Years
Father, Parent, Teacher, and Martial Artist.

About Mr. bryan kinworthy

Mr. Kinworthy is a first degree black belt in american kenpo and began studying 1990 at the age of 7 years old in Stanton California. The love he has for american kenpo runs deep within him, so much so that he practices everyday to make every move crisp and clean. in 1993 at the age of 10 he was awarded 3rd place kata at the Ed parker international championships in long beach california. in 1993 he took a break from studying the art he loved so much due to a move to northern california. at the age of 33 he began studying american kenpo once again in phoenix az. with mr. chavez. in early 2018 at the age of 35 he received his first degree black belt. Today i continue to study and also give back the knowledge I received. 


-First degree black belt

-Third place internationals of long beach

About Ms. Kayleigh Kelton

Ms. Kelton began her martial arts training at the age of 6 and quickly progressed, so much so that at the young age of 10 she received her first black belt. Ms. Kelton has achieved by the age of 14 what most people only dream of in their lifetime a second-degree black belt. She thoroughly enjoys instructing classes alongside Mr. Chavez and is especially gifted at working with young children. Ms. Kelton has a keen eye for detail and is diligent in correcting techniques to perfection with students whom are learning from her. In march of 2018 ms. kelton earned her third degree black belt through hard work and dedication.

Ms. Kelton has won numerous awards and honors including World champion at Phoenix open martial arts championships 2014, 2015 and 2016. world champion at 2016 las vegas usa winter nationals. Leadership award from edward chavez kenpo karate institute 2015.


-third degree black belt 

-world champion in forms and self defense

-junior black belt instructor of the year at Edward chavez kenpo karate institute 2015

-world champion at phoenix open martial arts championships 2014, 2015 and 2016

-world championship at 2016 las vegas usa winter nationals 

-leadership award from edward chavez kenpo karate institute 2015

About Mr. Bryson Hanes Benninger

About Mr. Benninger
Mr. Benninger began his martial arts journey in American Kenpo in Stanton California circa 1989. It all began as it usually does for most people who become interested in martial arts, the movies. After seeing the power and strength displayed by famous martial artists like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, Mr. Benninger wanted to learn more. He studied hard and trained for years until he received his black belt in 1995 and continued training until 2001. After a twelve-year hiatus and a move to Arizona, he resumed his Kenpo journey with Mr. Chavez and received his 2nd black belt.  When asked what Mr. Benninger enjoys most about teaching students, his reply was “the ability to work one on one with students and give instruction, for me, is the most rewarding”. The three things that Mr. Benninger feels are most important to pass along to students are 1.) Be prepared for life’s situations by being trained for them. Be aware of your situations, avoid of any threats and be ready for the physical confrontation if all else has failed. 2.) Don’t become the thing that brought you here, meaning if you started Kenpo because you feel bullied don’t become the bully. There will always be someone faster, stronger or bigger than you so you must  be yourself. 3.) Respect yourself and your body.
Mr. Benninger has won many tournament trophies, most notably two 3rd place trophies at the 1990's Internationals of Long Beach and more recently a 1st place award in Forms at the 2013 Phoenix Open. Mr. Benninger has also earned his bachelor’s degree in American History from Arizona State University in 2011. Also, he keeps a balance between all things important in his life including volunteering regularly at his church.


​-second degree black belt

​-third place internationals of long beach 

​-first place in forms at phoenix open 2013

​-bachelor's degree in American history


About Ms. Brandy Mcneal

Ms. Mcneal began her training in martial arts in the early 90's as a teen studying taekwando under master choi in new brunswick, NJ. She then moved onto another form of karate at a local community center until 1998. shortly after, while on deployment in sardinia, italy with the u.s. navy she earned her blue belt in okinawan ryoku kenpo (pressure point fighting). MS. MCNEAL THEN TOOK A SMALL BREAK FROM MARTIAL ARTS UNTIL 2008 and after receiving her third degree BROWN belt in american kenpo she began teaching at the ymca in phoenix, az.  in early 2018, after much dedication and studying ms. mcneal has earned her first degree black belt. Preferring to teach rather than compete, she has  participated in just one tournament earning a second place trophy in self defense, but has helped countless students in preparing for their own competitions which has helped win many awards for our school. 

Ms. Kelton

Mr. chavez Jr